My Israel's Miracle
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The Founder

Learn more about Brian K. Marks, founder and creator of My Israel’s Miracle.

Our Founder

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Brian K. Marks has spent his 30+ year career dedicated to the entrepreneurial spirit, bringing excellence to women’s haircare products and helping the human condition through philanthropic work. His innovative approach to creating, developing and marketing healthy, personal care and beauty retail brands and tapping niche consumer audiences in today’s culturally diverse society is a singular success story.

Born and raised in Brooklyn, Marks’ first foray into business was selling products to the health food trade from his car trunk. At age 25, Brian started a haircare company that would become famous for its trademark, “African Pride.” That company, which produced haircare products for the African American community, was so successful that Brian was the recipient of the prestigious “Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award” in 1996. Revlon subsequently purchased the company in 1998.

Brian then was named president of Revlon’s Multicultural Division worldwide, however, working at a big company was not a good fit for this entrepreneur-at-heart. After a few years waiting out his noncompete contract, Brian launched another new brand, “Dr. Miracles,” in 2004, which was based on a fictitious, cure-providing scientist. Like “African Pride,” the brand was a big success and Marks sold it to a major private equity company. These two brands (“African Pride” and “Dr. Miracles), along with other two other brands Brian created over the years (“All Ways Natural” and “Ginseng Miracle”) continue to rack up sales and have surpassed the one-billion-dollar market at retail. 

After the sale of Dr. Miracles, Marks took time off from work.  He met his wife Nene, a former model who immigrated from West Africa, and raised their children. He also became curious about his Jewish heritage and began studying Kabbalah, which brought him to Israel for the first time. 

It was on this trip to Israel that something magical happened, and Brian was compelled to launch My Israel’s Miracle. He says, “Traveling through Israel, an amazing connection to something ancient, spiritual, and energizing came over me. I wondered if haircare secrets were lurking beneath the energy and emotion I was feeling. After intensive research, I discovered the answer was yes, there were ingredients that have been used for thousands of years. I combined these ingredients and created My Israel’s Miracle, which represents my new love and respect for the wonders of Israel. I am proud to highlight the amazing and positive things found throughout Israel.”