About Us

My Israel's Miracle was created by our Founder Brian Marks, who wanted to be able to bring the miracle ingredients Israel holds right to you. While visiting Israel, he learned about countless herbs that have been harvested for centuries and used to heal, moisturize, and revitalize the hair and skin. With his previous knowledge of the haircare industry, he set out to create products that showcase these wonder ingredients in the best way. 

“Traveling through Israel, an amazing connection to something ancient, spiritual, and energizing came over me. I wondered if haircare secrets were lurking beneath the energy and emotion I was feeling. After intensive research, I discovered the answer was yes, there were ingredients that have been used for thousands of years. I combined these ingredients and created My Israel’s Miracle, which represents my new love and respect for the wonders of Israel. I am proud to highlight the amazing and positive wonders found throughout Israel.” -Brian Marks

At My Israel's Miracle, we are proud to provide you with haircare that treats your hair while giving you a feeling as if you've spent the day at the spa. We feature all certified organic ingredients, never tested on animals, and best of all- good for your hair. 

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